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Bhutan Crowdfunding

Don’t find fault, find a remedy; anybody can complain

Henry Ford,
Founder, Ford Motors
Guidelines for new Business

Step 1

Creating your project

  1. i) Create your business plan and get in contact with the Royal Securities Exchange of Bhutan.
  2. ii) Register with the office and create an online profile of your business to accept investments.

Step 2

Promote your Business

  1. i) Engage in ethical promotion of your business in line with the regulations to attract investors for the business.
  2. ii) Team from Royal Securities Exchange of Bhutan will help you in creating your business profile.

Step 3

Raising fund

  1. i) Accept investment from the registered members of the portal.
  2. ii) View the details of investment from your account.

Step 4

Claim the fund

  1. i) Claim the funds from the office after the investment period is over.