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Common Questions

1) How does Bhutan Crowd Funding work?
Bhutan Crowd Funding provides the platform for raising money for businesses by making offer for subscription for equities in the firm. You can raise funds from all interested investors. For the investors, you can view the business profiles and invest in any of the business that you feel will succeed. You have the opportunity to get on the business early on.

2) What can I raise money for?
Currently, Bhutan Crowd Funding is meant to raise money for businesses only. Funds for charitable works and events is not available.

3) How do I withdraw funds raised for my business?
Once you have raised the required funds for your business, the online campaign will be closed. The initial funds raised will be with Royal Securities Exchange of Bhutan and once the campaign is over the office will release the funds gathered, subject to the requirements as specified are met.

4) Can I raise money for a friend?
Since the owner of the business will be offering equities to the public for subscription, only the owner of the business can raise funds.

5) What if I don’t reach my goal?
Bhutan Crowd Funding is based on all or nothing model. If the goal has not been reached the funds generated will be returned to the investors and the business will be treated as if no funds has been invested. But the business can get in touch with the RSEB and extend the deadline for their campaign.

6) What if I want to cancel my investment?
You may cancel your initial investment within 48 hours of investing. This time shall be extended in time of major changes in the business profile after the investment was made.

7) What happens after investment?
Once the business has reached it's goal, the investors who invested in the business becomes shareholder in the business.