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Bhutan Crowdfunding

Impact Bhutan

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What is Impact Bhutan?


Impact Bhutan is a flagship program under Bhutan Crowd Funding. It is a donation and reward-based crowdfunding with the focus on making finance accessible to social entrepreneurs, projects, charities and other activities as deemed fit by the platform which will have a positive impact on the community and the country as a whole.

How to run a campaign

  • The campaigner must be a certified CSO, Youth led group, or any other entity as approved by the platform.
  • Have a clear project and intention to complete such project with the proceeds raised through crowdfunding portal.
  • The project must be in line with the sustainable development goals aligned to the GNH values and should have a positive impact on the community or the country as a whole.
  • Required Documents

  • An application duly signed by the campaigner
  • Project proposal including the breakdown of the application of the funds raised through the portal and the timeline of the project. The proposal must highlight the impact on the community, goals and the feasibility of the project.
  • CIB report of the campaigner
  • Resume of the campaigner
  • Funding Method

      Fixed funding
    • The campaigner may suggest their preferred funding method but the platform will hold the right to choose the funding method according to the type of project. If the project is of the nature that it requires the entire fund to be executed, the platform will go ahead with fixed funding method. This funding will follow the all or nothing policy.
    •   Flexible funding method
    • The campaign will be open for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 180 days according to the preference of the campaigner, where the total fund raised shall be allotted to the campaigner. The minimum fund required to achieve at least some of the goals must be clearly shown

    Approval Committee

  • The committee consist of experts with relevant background to create a fair evaluation process.
  • The committee shall approve or reject the project proposal based on the criteria mentioned below.
  • Criteria

  • Social impact of the project
  • Coherent use of the funds as laid out in the budget;
  • In case of flexible funding method, the minimum fund required to cover at least some goals
  • Innovation
  • Networks
  • SDG goals and GNH values
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